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Who is Joanne Miller?
Joanne Miller is a photographer and published freelance writer of both fiction and non-fiction, with a background in corporate marketing and public relations. She earned a BA degree in physical anthropology with additional post-college-level training in the craft of fiction and non-fiction writing, graphic design, photography, and website design; training in a cordon bleu-style culinary school proves very helpful for restaurant reviews. She is working on a companion app for her LBB Maui-Kaua'i travel guide (Little Black Books, Peter Pauper Press/print and e-book editions) and a follow-up novel to Shaketown.

Where does her work appear?
Joanne has joined the e-publishing revolution and is in the process of uploading books and stories for availability on all e-readers such as the Nook, Kindle, iPad and iPhone (find out more here). She is the author of seven print books and four e-books on travel and contributor to many more. In addition, her articles, reviews, and interviews appear in Travel Holiday, Novel & Short Story Writer's Market and numerous other publications. As a fiction author, her short stories have been published in anthologies, small press magazines, and on-line in such publications as Carve Magazine. She was chosen to participate the Spoleto (Italy) Writer's Conference in 2000 and short-listed for the Raymond Carver award in 2001. Her photographs appear in several of her own books and others.

Can we see it here?
You can read Joanne's latest travel writing by clicking her highly irregular blog 1Woman1World1Year. Shaketown's companion blog, The World of Shaketown will entertain readers who love San Francisco and the Victorian era. Foodies will enjoy Chef Jo, ruminations on cooking school, food prep, eating, and great new food products. Her photographs appear in the Image Gallery.

What does she teach?

Joanne teaches classes on writing non-fiction in Marin County, California and offers the text she uses in the course, "Writer's Boot Camp: How to Write Non-Fiction and Get Paid for It" through this site.

Who does she coach?
In addition to working with her classes, Joanne coaches individual writers to improve their writing and fine-tune the marketing of their work. She also consults with small-to-mid-size businesses to expand their markets using time-honored techniques as well as social media, websites and online sales.

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